Ship a Car from Colorado to Canada

If you need to ship a car from Colorado to Canada, you’ll need to get that vehicle across the border and through customs inspections. There’s paperwork to complete and tax implications, but at Canadian Car Shipping, we aim to make this a simple and straightforward process.

You’ll have your own dedicated Account Executive to guide you, and our experience guarantees there isn’t a better way to ship a car from Colorado to Canada.

Custom Solutions for Shipping Cars

We understand that the needs of every customer will be different, and we’re happy to provide customized solutions that meet and exceed your requirements. Whether you need low-cost shipping or need to get your car to a new location in a hurry, we can help.

The 3 Step Process to Ship a Car from Colorado to Canada

We aim to make shipping a car to Canada as simple and straightforward as possible by taking care of every step of the process. However, when you ship a car from Colorado to Canada, there will be a border crossing involved which can deter some people from attempting the process. We have an easy solution that gets your car into Canada safely and legally:

  1. Your car is taken to one of our yards on the border by truck
  2. A customs inspection is performed at the yard
  3. Your car is placed on another truck after inspection to be taken to the destination

Your dedicated Canadian Car Shipping Account Executive will take care of this for you and will keep you updated during the process.

Types of Import from Colorado to Canada

Your vehicle can be imported in two ways – either as a temporary import or for permanent entry. The different import types are based on whether the car will be leaving Canada again. Temporary imports work best for people who are living in a specific location for a time, for example to work at a temporary job, for studying at a university, etc.

Temporary import does not require a tax payment but does mean that the vehicle cannot be sold in Canada. If you don’t already own it, it must change ownership within the US. Permanent entry does attract a tax payment, but this will vary based on your personal circumstances.

The cost of shipping and import can be reduced by a number of factors, and we’ll always work to find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for you. We always prioritize your needs and will do whatever we can to support you when you ship a car from Colorado to Canada.




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