Ship A Car To Canada

Ship A Car To Canada

Are you importing your vehicle to Canada from the US? Canadian Car Shipping is your one stop shop to ship a car to Canada. We will arrange your transport, file any necessary paperwork for you, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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Shipping a Car to Canada with Canadian Car Shipping.

There are many more steps to shipping a car to Canada versus shipping a car domestically within the United States. The biggest and most obvious difference is getting the car across the border and having the proper documentation filed with Customs. Canadian Car Shipping has the knowledge and experience to deal with Customs so there are no mistakes or delays when you ship a car to Canada. We have a specific process and Customs agencies that we work with regularly, allowing us to provide our customers with great rates due to the volume we have shipping cars to Canada.

There are also many regulations and restrictions for importing a car to Canada. The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) (make this a hyper link) provides a very helpful Importer Checklist Tool and helps determine your cars eligibility to import a car to Canada as well as avoid any complications. For example, the vehicle you are trying to import must not be apart of any current recall in the United States. The RIV will provide help links to check to see if your vehicle is part of any recall. All this can seem very overwhelming, which is why Canadian Car Shipping does all this for you with our full-service process at carrier rates.


If you have gone online and done any research on Shipping a Car to Canada, you will see that the import process can be a lot to take and seem very complicated.  However, when you call Canadian Car Shipping you will be very relieved that we will walk you through the entire process and make sure all the proper things are done so no complications come up.  Our agents are experts in the import process and dealing with customs as well as arranging the domestic part of the transport in the U.S.

Depending on where you are shipping a car in Canada, it will cross the border at different spots for the next leg of the trip.  We have 4 different dedicated drop yards to store your vehicle while the inspection process takes place and customs are being handled.  Canadian Car Shipping works with many different carriers in the U.S., ensuring us great rates to the border.  Once your vehicle is at one of our drop yards, we have dedicated carriers on the Canadian side to handle the second leg of the trip.


There are many things that will determine the cost to ship a car to Canada. The biggest factor is where in the United States the car is located (distance from the boarder) and how far into Canada it will be traveling.  The second biggest cost factor will be the value of the car and tax you will have to pay to customs during the import process. The type of shipping you will require for example, Open-Air car shipping or Enclosed Car shipping. You can expect to pay about 40% more for enclosed car shipping.

The size of your vehicle will also play a role in the cost to ship a car to Canada.  If you are shipping an oversized vehicle it will cost more on both the domestic side as well as the Canadian side for the carrier rates. There are 2 ways to get a price to ship a car to Canada with Canadian Car Shipping, you can fill out our online form and an agent will contact you or you can call us at 330-984-4354 and we will get you the best rate possible once we have all the information needed.  Since we ship a good amount of volume for the US to Canada, we can offer Full-Service Rates at carrier rates making Canadian Car Shipping your best choice.


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